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Potato Pancakes

What started in the early 1950s with dumplings and potato pancakes has now developed into an impressive range of more than 30 individual products. Dr. Willi Knoll potato pancakes are easy to prepare and are suitable as a side or main course.


1. 0.75L. Pour cold water into a bowl. 2. Stir the contents of the pack into the cold water with a whisk. 3. Let the dough swell for 10 minutes. Tip: For refinement, you can add 1 egg, but use less water accordingly.

4. Heat some fat in a coated pan, add the puff pastry tablespoon by tablespoon and fry on both sides until golden. 5. Take out the pancakes and let excess fat drip off. Complete! Bon appetit!

Tip: Finished buffers can also freeze and, if necessary, heat the frozen buffers in a pan for about 2 minutes on both sides.

100g included
prepared per 100g
% (100g)*

356kJ / 84 kcal

801 kJ / 189 kcal

4 %


0,1 g

0,2 g

< 1 %

of which saturated fatty acids

< 0,1 g

0,1 g

< 1 %


18,0 g

40,5 g

7 %

of which sugar

0,7 g

1,6 g

1 %


1,3 g

2,9 g

3 %


0,9 g

1,9 g

15 %

Reference amount for an average adult (8400 kJ/2000 kcal)


Recipe & ideas

Now comes the delicious part. Discover the original taste variety of Dr. Willi Knoll products and their versatility.


No matter which Dr. Willi Knoll product you try: What you will feel on your taste buds is our boundless passion for the queen of the kitchen: the potato. Because best quality for us means not only meeting all the requirements of quality production, but also meeting the good taste and high demands of our customers. That is why, for more than 80 years, we have attached great importance to the predominant use of potatoes from 100 % sustainable agriculture. In other words: We only put the best on the ingredients list, because we are what we eat.

Quality from our suppliers

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