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The best potato products can only be made from the best raw materials - otherwise something would be wrong. We don't compromise on quality. Never. For the greatest possible transparency, we are also happy to have external auditors keep an eye on us. Certificates and seals that go beyond the legal requirements are standard for us. Enthusiastic customers are what drives us. No show, no tricks - Dr. Willi Knoll stands for honest potato products from Bavarian companies. hand on it!

 International Featured Standards Food

Since 2004 there has been annual certification according to the "International Featured Standards Food", which we again completed in 2023 with "Higher Level".

Not only the quality management system is examined by external auditors, but also the staff, the operating rooms, the manufacturing process and the facilities. The focus here is on the strict IFS requirements with regard to food safety, the HACCP concept, hygiene and traceability.

Our quality standards in detail:

  • In-house laboratory

  • External special analysis by accredited laboratories

  • Incoming goods inspection of all raw and auxiliary materials

  • Monitoring of all manufacturing steps

  • Regular implementation of taster panels

  • Highly qualified and reliable staff in quality assurance


EU - Bio

The EU organic seal identifies products that meet the strict standards of EU legislation for organic farming. The organic products from Dr. Willi Knoll meet these criteria and are marked with the seal.

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