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The Company


Our history since 1936

Founded in 1936, Dr. Willi Knoll began as an independent medium-sized family business based in the Bavarian region of Swabia.

It all started with the preservation of fruit and vegetables.
After the Second World War, the company was one of the first to enter the new market for ready-to-eat potato products.
In 1953, the Krumbach-based company changed and refined its product range and specialised primarily in the area of dried potato products.

Dr. Willi Knoll 2.0

To this day, we have remained true to the potato and our homeland.
But over time, our range of products has steadily expanded and become more diverse,
which has led to our desire to remain an independent and, above all, sustainable company.
By radically restructuring all technical processes to improve our products,
we have found the optimal solution to ensure high quality with less environmental impact.


Today, we are able to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of food safety and traceability
with the utmost professionalism and sensitivity.
This is an absolute priority for us today, as we are aware of our role as one of the leading companies in the field of potato speciality production.


The increase in production creates new needs, new jobs, new and valuable collaborations with suppliers and producers of raw materials who provide all their know-how and a very high quality standard on a daily basis. All this means that we can all benefit from our products, from the farmer to the consumer to the producer.



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